When China sends their people they do not send their best. If you look at the news media today most of the immigration topics relate to individuals from Latin countries namely Mexico and Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua) but one group flooding the U.S. with bogus claims comes unnoticed. The one immigration case I refuse to take, under any circumstances, is Chinese asylum seekers.

Over the past decade more and more Chinese have lawfully entered the United States on visas obtained under false information. They then proceed to file fraudulent asylum claims within one year of arrival and obtain a work permit 150 days later. These cases are almost always based on either: 1. Attendance of a home church in China; or 2. forced abortion.

Although its impossible to tell what percentage ( probably 99.9%) of these applications are fraudulent it is clear the Chinese have mastered abusing our immigration system.

To qualify for asylum in the United States you must establish that you have suffered past persecution or will suffer future persecution in your home country based on either your race, religion, nationality, membership in a “particular social group” or ethnicity. The cases from Central America and Mexico usually do not muster failing to prove a nexus on one of these 5 grounds listed above.  Whereas the Chinese are able to show harm based on “religion” or in the case of forced abortion “per se” classification.

Many offices located in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles specialize in complying these fake claims and provide their clients with doctored documents from China. This makes it harder to deny the claims. Its all a matter of evidence and attacking credibility.

As an immigration attorney I do not believe every case I encounter can or should be approved and when it comes to Chinese asylum I hope the government prevails. Its too bad the media does not focus more on these fake cases rather than those who have established roots and have significant physical presence in the United States.

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